Saturday, 25 June 2011

PARTY DIRECTIVE No. 1....Amendment following Politburo Advice.

This site will remain active for personal trivia, while the Wordpress site will contain more substantive scribblings.

Six Perfectly Shaped Vinyl 45s.

A perfect example of power pop with Steve Marriot's soulful vocals. Produced by the now reinvented Andrew Loog Oldham author of Stoned, a must have read on the 60s music industry, if only for its description of that craziest of all producers Joe Meek. Oldham has written a follow-up titled Hustlers,which is a study of the great music entrepreneurs like Don Arden, Freddy Bienstock etc.
Quite by accident last night, I listened to the Stones Good Times, Bad Times - recorded in Chess Studios in 1964 by Andrew Loog Oldham. Reminded me of what a great vocal soul stylist Jagger used to be before the band found its own voice, which then totally disppeared into a mess of corporate rock crap after Let it Bleed.
Everlovin' Man by Oz legend The Loved Ones is unquestionably soul music culture writ large. Jerry Humphreys had a set of vocal chords to die for. I still moves me ... decades later.
Forget that One step for mankind.....Aldrin, Armstrong first man on the moon moment. The real moment of the 60s was captured by Raven Records three volume LP set Ugly Things containing the great garage bands of the Antipodes. Foremost would have to be The Creatures with their grungier hard rock single (as you would expect) Ugly Thing. 1966 appearances on TVs Dig We Must with waist length purple and green hair.

Lock up your daughters and stay away from musicians with panel vans.

Trivial Factoid: The Creatures hailed from Mildura, Victoria, the same hometown as the The Modes who laid out the most nervous version of that staple Baby Please Don't Go. Ian Hunter bassist in The Modes went onto to be KT's p/g supervisor, and foremost deconstructionist of Althusser, Derrida and Foucault, in addition to a recent massive tome on Kant and all round philosophical heavy hitter with pieces like THIS.

Staying south of the equator, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Kicks by The Librettos
Let's break with tradition here and highlight an LP, namely Lysergic Emanations by the Fuzztones. Retro US garage band who righfully pay homage to The Sonics, albeit with Bach organ flourishes. Highly recommended for the discerning listener.

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