Thursday, 23 June 2011

PARTY DIRECTIVE No. 1: moved to - http://

I now have a site and will be posting here from now on.

New address

I hope to move my archives to this new site when I acquire the confidence and technical know-how.

This is a case of Manifest Destiny.

Any advice on this move is greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile I leave you with an okay article from The Economist on my favourite pol Bo Xilai HERE.

But Mr Bo could well be offered the portfolio of China’s internal security chief, currently held by Zhou Yongkang, with whom he is believed to have close ties.

Mr Bo’s upfront style is a radical departure from the backroom politicking that has long been the hallmark of Communist rule and would seem like a refreshing change, were it not that some of his supporters see him as the Vladimir Putin of China.

The Economist is turning out some reasonably solid China analysis at the moment.

Stripping to the waist and fighting off bears might however be a bit much even for the Beijing establishment. However, a sordid sex scandal aired on weibo would be perfectly acceptable.

My Bo dossier now notes that he drives a Jaguar, a British marque motor which has produced a succession of shit models since the mid 60s.

Open the article. Don't you just love the cheesy smile. Reminds me of Tony Blair.

So long Pilgrims and see you in the Promised Land below.

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