Tuesday, 22 March 2011

BEING A FACE in the 21st Century...

Quite by accident I came across a copy of FACEHUNTER by Yvan Rodic recently. Thames and Hudson, 2010. A contemporary porfolio of 326 global fashion photos, and after a diet of serious reads, flicking thru this is plain fun.
a man out and about in london and beyond: eye candy for the style hungry

It also puts paid to the notion that the world is heading towards an homogenised clothing wardrobe, courtesy of your nearest transnational with their sweat shops across Asia and Central America. Overstating the case here, but big deal.

Rodic cruises the world - from Reykjavik to London, Instanbul to Tbilisi - and has also snapped his way across the exotic Orient, both as a freelancer and as fashion editor for The Observer.

Since I've spruiked the book, I will take liberties with copyright law and reproduce two photos.

London - shoichi- 2010

Chose this due to my love of Japanese Yakuza movies. Now, if I was the the HR boss for the Yamaguchi-gumi in Tokyo, and was vetting CVs for management material for my Panchiko Parlour franchise, this guy would go to the top of the list.

I simply chose this stylish photo because of the fake Gaudi background, which is the pretty tacky Cultural Centre opposite Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. Walked past this 'cultural pile' many times, and even met the pigeons when lunching close by.

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